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                                              Leader's speech

                                              Bolaite, which has been in business since its establishment in 2004, has been a pioneer in the development of papermaking from the freshman of the paper industry. These seven years of continuous development and growth are inseparable from the support and love of superior leaders and the community. They are also inseparable from the sweat and hard work of all Boletes. It is the dedication of everyone from the founding of the company to the present. To a big growth, it has changed from a personal career to a social undertaking.

                                              Bolaite understands that in order to achieve sustainable development of enterprises, it is necessary to face challenges, calmly analyze the market environment, continuously enhance its core competitiveness, change the business model, and build the backbone of the industry brand. Only the strong, the strong forwards can continue to stand in the fierce competition.

                                              The seat of the Castle Peak is awkward, and the heroes are brave. The Boletes will unite and brave the brand.